The Way to Go

Access Beyond

A burning hole through the floor
And the common sense is gone
A smoky room for my dreams
It's the mask you wear all day
That tares apart your faith
You come to me in fear

In this world I travel alone with
A cold blowing right through me
The desperation in this heart
not built to last

On the cutting edge of death
Afraid to take the last step
You feel the sundown in the air
Your face seems so bright
But I know your mind ain't right
The answer is right before you

You won't feel a thing
Close your eyes that's the light on this dark road
You won't feel a thing
Diving blind seems the only way to go

The hole inside your mind
Seems taken over your life
Get on your knees but don't pray
The glass holding you
Won't break if it's full
Don't turn back time just go
You need the thrill

Close your eyes
Take the step
The way to go