Access Beyond

another dark, silent morning in my cage of life
- holding me down -
a silent sound by the dawning draws the frames of mine
close the door - please stay!

I try to hide from the voices but they won't fade away
and there's no relief

The Window barred I'm here held captive
with my lying, poison mind
and it's all too real
The Window holds the key in saving me
please save me from myself
I scream - no one hears

cut me down for I'm dreaming the shattered dream of day
touch me now, keep me still
yes, I know, if I stay low none can see my dream
it ain't the way for me - no...

The Window barred I'm here rejected
with my poison, gripple mind
and it's all too real
I'm finally loosing it
the insain words, the screams, the agony
as I reach for the door

the prisoner

...yet it feels, there is something left alive...