Evil Undercover

Access Beyond

She bleeds for the deeds she has gone through
can't let go off my sleeve
I have no escape, I have no more fear
well, a friend of mine as cruel as I thinks that I'm scared of feeling sorrow
seeing the marks in me to follow

so feeding the hunger burning ~ soon ~ I'll seek the prey I yearn
I must hunt before I kill someone
when the screaming sound - that can't found standing around - is hard to swallow
give me a shot - I'll take you to morrow...

the night is rushing in / the nails in my skin
can't stop the echo of your screams
you can paint the wall pitch-black behind me but it won't take me away
...and it chokes your flame...

I can see you standing there before the burst of flames
The shadows step aside and kneel
I cut the scars inside to remind me
...the evil whip lashes to steal your faith...

...riding with the devil...

...you're riding with the devil...