Black Bear

Andrew Belle

Help, help
I’m drowning
In the sea where I found you
The kerosene in your skin
The chemistry that I’m bound to

Picture me on an ocean
In a chest that I hollow
I picture you in slow motion
Somewhere in west Colorado
Well I don’t know where that place is
If I did I would follow
I don’t know what this taste is
If I did I would swallow

Thought I knew all the answers
Thought I held all the keys
The black bear that I led you too
Wants more than I can speak
Thought I drew out the cancers
Thought I fell the disease
Turns out that I need you now
Much more than you need me

A track meet in my car
Complicates what I told you
The back beat in my heart
Syncopates when I hold you
Well I don’t know what the use is
If I did I’d unfold you
I don’t know what the truth is
If I did I’d have told you

Written by: Andrew Belle
Sent by Charlie.
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