I Trusted U

Balkan Beat Box

You never bothered to ask why
I left without saying goodbye
This time you didn't even try
And I'm not perfect I won't deny
But you got high on your own ego
My love is killing my libido
Now can you tell me where do we go
I'm your man, I'm no amigo
So where do we go from here
That's how it is and it's not clear
And there's no physical attraction
There's no way to get affection
Who got shot who got hit
And who's the one to bare the guilt
And who hanged tight, who got split
And who the fuck needs that shit

Who got shot, who's the one standing still
Give me some time to forget and a reason to forgive
Who got shot, who's the one standing still
Maybe I'll come back, might be able to believe

I trusted you
Now you're full of attitude
We used to be addicted to each other

We're all players in a game
And it's all the same
Now you look me in the eyes
And try to fantasize
But you always look away
You got nothing to say
What do you want to do
About me and you
You can smile or laugh
But it's less then half
Of what makes a whole
So make the call
You keep spitting in my face
I'm a rat in your race
And your hand is full of lies
But you're my love in disguise

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