Naked Baby Photos

Album by Ben Folds Five Listen
  1. Eddie Walker
  2. Jackson Cannery
  3. Emaline
  4. Alice Childress (Live At KCRW)
  5. Dick Holster
  6. Tom and Mary
  7. For Those of Y'all Who Wear Fanny Packs
  8. Bad Idea - demo
  9. Underground
  10. The Ultimate Sacrifice (Live At Lupo's)
  11. Satan Is My Master (Live At Ziggy's)
  12. Julianne (Live At LA2)
  13. Song For The Dumped (Live At LA2)
  14. Philosophy (Live At De Melkweg)
  15. Twin Falls (Live At Club Quattro)
  16. Boxing (Live At Club Quattro)
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