A Girl Like You

Cliff Richard

Angel face, we just met
Well, just how lucky can one boy get
There's a light in your eyes
I know it's love and I know that I could be happy
With a girl like you, umm-umm

Tell your ma, tell your pa
And tell your favorite old wishing star
We're in love, just by chance
I ask of you, would you like to dance
Fancy dancing, with a girl like you

*Funny how love can come to a lonely heart
I'm a boy, you're a girl
I guess that's a pretty good start

1. Here I am, there you are (2. Here am I, there you are)
Together baby we should go far
A girl like you, a boy like me
Two hearts together like they ought to be (last time to Coda)
Can't believe, I've got a girl like you, (umm-umm)

(Repeat from *)


Can't believe, I've got a girl like you,
Got a girl like you, got a girl like you……
(Fade Out)

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