Parting Ways

Cody Chesnutt

One, two, three

Though we are parting ways
We shall come around to touch our eyes again
If love is the foundation
If the purpose be to recycle life
I promise I'll bring us to one
Beating heart in the end, now

Though we are parting ways
We shall come around to touch eyes again
If love is the foundation
Purpose be to recycle life
Promise I'll bring us to one
Beating heart in the end

And may you be blessed with good drink and food
And may your tongue be covered with a garment of good news
Love is the foundation
Purpose is to recycle life
This is how livin', how it really began, oh
How it all began, oh
How true lovin' began
How true lovin' began, oh, hmm-mm

Now love
Love, love, love
Talkin' 'bout love
Love, oh, love
God-given love
Talkin' 'bout love
God-given love
God-given love, yeah

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