Carry On

Common Rider

Big city miles stretching out into the terminal horizon
Don't you know we had to get away?
It was two kids with a beat up Nova,
and a dream and a two a.m. song
It was two kids with a beat up Nova singing come carry on

Come carry on 'till the night's all gone
come carry on come right where we belong

The impossible girl lit a cigarette
and said "I don't give a damn if we never come home"
and I turned to her in the old starlight
and a tender amazement swallowed up the night
We could walk along be forever strong
drive into the night, and the right, and the wrong
It was two kids with a beat up Nova, and a dream, and a two A.M. song


There ain't no dream like the one that's real
Ashby to Eighty
Eighty to the Bridge
Bridge down to One
Route One carry on
We ate the night up and we shot the big coast
'cause the shoreline makes a heart open like a rose
She found a song on the radio
and it wiped all the blood off my halo
It was two kids, whose heart were their own
Toughest the world has ever known


Written by: Jesse Michaels
Sent by Monalisa.
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