Senza Mama

Connie Francis

Sperduto comm'a cane mmiez'â via
Chiagne stu core mio addulurato
Smuóvete pure tu, madonna mia
Pecché na 'nfama sulo mm'ha lassato
Vurría murí só troppo surfurtunata

Mme pare d'a vedé cu 'o manto 'e sposa
Cua vesta janca e 'a faccia culor rosa
Se 'mmeretava, quann'essa è spusata
Na botta ô core chella scellerata

Oh, mama, why am i so all alone
Why is there no one i can call my own
Why do the days and nights all seem the same
Why don't you answer when i call your name
Oh, will i ever want to live again

You were my sun, my first, my guiding light
You were the one who taught me wrong from right
So much of you is with me though you're gone
Angela mia, how can i go on

Senza mamma 'e 'nnammurate

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