You're My First Tought

Crazy Legs

You came into my life like a hurricane
Our love was warmin up day after day
I asked if you could you be my bride
Then bought you a diamoned ring
I found out baby, you got everything

We swore be together, for all the eternity
Then we got married and started a family
I was glad that you were by my side
We were building a nice home
All of a sudden I saw you were not alone

You're my first tought in the morning
And my last one at night
Since you went away darling
All I have done is cry cry cry

I always think about where I gone wrong
I gave you my soul and everything I owned
I don't know how can I forgive you
The fact is that I still love you so
I need to get over and forget what you have done

You knew how to break my heart in two
How I cried just my pillow knows for sure
You were my only reason to live
Now I got only my loved kids
The only link between you and me

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