Pagan Baby

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Pagan baby, won't you walk with me?
Pagan baby, come on home with me
Pagan baby, take me for a ride
Roll me, baby, roll your big, brown eyes
(Yeah! Ooh! Ooh!)

Pagan baby, let me make your name
Drive it, baby, drive your big love game
Pagan baby, what you got, I need
Don't be savin', spread your love on me

(Aah! Mm-mm-mm!)

Pagan baby, now won't you rock with me?
Pagan baby, lay your love on me
(Yeah, yeah!)
(Aah! Hey, hey!)

Aah! Hey! Yeah!
Hey! Hey! Heey!

Written by: John Fogerty
Subtitled by Dj.Evê. Revised by Majoris.
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