Lay your head on my shoulder
Feel my body keep you warm tonight
You're the child, I'm the cradle
Let me be your shelter, 'til the morning light

So baby won't you just
Cry, baby cry
Let the tears from your eyes
And break these chains that have been
Keeping you prisoner all these years

Won't you just
Cry, baby cry?
Let the tears from your eye
Fall to the ground where they belong
With the other faded memories
Won't you just cry

So you think it makes you stronger
Keeping everything you feel inside
Don't be foolish any longer
Let the mountains crumble, let the rain fall

And baby won't you
Cry, and let the rain fall, let your heart grow?
Just let it go, won't you cry, cry?
Cry, let the rain fall, let your heart go
Just let it go

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