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Legendary (feat. Shotty Horroh)


Fuck drugs I guess they don't work
Tattoo body I don't need no shirt
Probably need Jesus but I don't 'go church
I'm on this hotel floor trying to soul search

Pop a couple more they won't hurt
My mind or my body which one will go first?
Keep your weed I don't smoke dirt
Mine will put you on your back like Goldberg

Yes, yes, rock and roll brother
Got a face that was made for the Rolling Stones cover
Getting money like a coal pusher
My parking is looking like a skinny t-shirt on Bone Crusher

On the road like roadrunner
Wait the food and it look a phone number
She saw the poker
And asked me if I would throw for her
Plus a hit of this feels like Stone Cold Stunner

Legendary, legendary
Legendary, legendary

Lexapros in a coffee cup
Running through the city like Forest Gump
Tried to give her draws of the proper skunk
But she prefers the whites like Donald Trump

Wish somebody would start popping up
So I can put them on ice like a hockey puck
Rap god I catch a body like coffee boy
You again Shotty? It's like Rocky boxing with Tommy Gunn

What the the fuck? Everybody turned Hollywood
Hash symbol, hash tag, please follow us
Snapchat filters doing what a doctor would
Instagram bitches editing the body up

Fuck 'em. Biggest balls in the universe
Rumored you can see my nor shoes in Google Earth
Rappers coming for me, I ain't too concerned
I tell the very best one of them: Come and do your worst

Legendary, legendary
Legendary, legendary