• Lily was a little girl

    Lily era uma garotinha

    Lily (feat. K-391 & Emilie Hollow) - Alan Walker
  • But if he looks twice they're gonna kick his lily

    Mas se ele olhar de novo, eles vão meter o cacete nele

    Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) - The Offspring
  • Lily Lily ★ Burning Night

    Lily Lily ? Noite Ardente

    Lily Lily Burning Night - VOCALOID
  • Sing to me, lily

    Cante pra mim, lírio

    The Raven That Refused To Sing - Steven Wilson
  • O' life's a dream with you, miss Lily White

    Oh, a vida é um sonho com você, senhorita Lily White

    Kill The Poor - Dead Kennedys
  • It's suits. Come on, Lily.

    Os ternos. Vamos lá, Lily.

    Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit - Barney Stinson
  • lily fair

    Para ver refletido lá as árvores, o céu, o lírio formoso

    Firth Of Fifth - Genesis
  • Trying to gain access to my lily pad

    Tentando conseguir acesso à minha rede

    The World's First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip - Arctic Monkeys
  • The lily among the thorns

    O lírio entre os espinhos

    Feel For You - Nightwish
  • Thorn аpple аnd lily of the vаlley

    Figueira-do-diabo e lírio do vale

    Beautiful Delirium - Blackbriar
  • And the lily of the valley doesn't know

    E o lírio do vale não sabe

    Lily Of The Valley - Queen
  • That's when I found lily

    Foi quando achei lily.

    Enough Space - Foo Fighters