• Light reflects from your shadow

    A luz reflete da sua sombra

    Angels - The XX
  • While my body reflects (ooh)

    Enquanto meu corpo reflete (ooh)

    Let Me Get Me - Selena Gomez
  • Sparkle as the light reflects we writin' pay it

    Faísca enquanto a luz reflete-nos assinando cheques

    Lights Shine Bright - Toby Mac
  • It just reflects my mood

    Isso só reflete meu humor

    Doom And Gloom - The Rolling Stones
  • Reflects a moment in time

    Reflete um momento no tempo

    Insight - Joy Division
  • Who reflects the sound

    Que reflete o som

    Woman - Angel Olsen
  • A tourist oasis reflects in seedy sunshades

    Um oasis turístico reflete em para-sóis gastos

    Arabian Knights - Siouxsie And The Banshees
  • Her skin reflects behind the blur

    A pele dela reflete atrás do borrão

    Suffocating Under Words Of Sorrow - Bullet For My Valentine
  • While a mirror reflects me

    Enquanto um espelho me reflete

    Veins Of Glass - Lacuna Coil
  • It reflects hatred in my eyes

    Ela reflete ódio em meus olhos

    Downfall - Children of Bodom
  • And the sky reflects our image

    E o céu refletirá nossa imagem

    The Village - New Order
  • Its cold light reflects our victory

    Sua luz fria reflete nossa vitória

    Where The Heroes Die - Northland