The Roach (the Chronic Outro)

Dr. Dre

[Dr Dre]
Cannabis Sativa
Or in the heart of LA known as the cronic
Not to be confused with the bionic
Even though it does cost six million dollars
Maaan Understaaand
Now we working with some new improved shit on this track
Nevertheless not no stress
Sucka ass niggas
So now we gona move on and uh
Light a big fat one up for the world
And hit this
Once or twice and you'll be twice as nice get it
This is the cronic ah ha ha ha (play that motherfucker out there nigga)

Make my bud the cronic
I wants to get fucked up
Make my shit the cronic
I gots to fire it up
I want the bomb I want the cronic
I gots to get fucked up
Make my bud the cronic
Before I take it home

[Dr Dre]
Daamn my last joint
Don't fuck with me fool
Who got the dub sacks
This shoutin a motherfucker maan (you can take it or leave it nigga)
But I need a spliff right now (roll this shit up then nigga)
And I don't want no *SESS* brother
Its got to be the cronic know what I mean nigga
Yeah thats the cronic thats the cronic thats the bomb boy
Now get me motherfuckin zig-zag we straight (yeah nigga I got some)
Or better yet, a muthafuckin' blunt (I got that shit)
A Philly blunt that is

[Chorus x2]

[Dr Dre]
God dam Im fucked up
(Im fucked up to)
That shit ain't no dro'
Ohh shit no I want no more I want shit
Just leave me alone
Just let me chill out and listen to this shit
I'm high

[Dr Dre (over chorus x2)]
Thats fucked up
What they put in this weed
That's why they call this shit cronic
Mmm... Damn Damn Shit
Fucked up fucked up
Fucked Crazy oh fucked up
Really really though
now im callin a motherfucker
That shit that shit that shit's crazy
I'm high dam

[Dr Dre]
Ohhh I made to fuck some shit up now baby
(You can come on and fuck me up)
Hmm Hmm triple cheeseburger some fries
Motherfuckin couple sodas
some apple turnovers and all that old shit nigga
Mmmm... Im ready to get my munchies on
that indo smells good as a motherfucker to
I want it no more that shits not to be fucked with
Nice to be fucked with
Im high oh nigga you pass that to somebody else
Nigga Im through for the night
Really though really though nigga
That's some fools gona buy this motherfucker
No nigga don't be trying to pass me that shit nigga Im I told you Im cool
Oh madness
(Ha I got another dub sack nigga ha ha ha)

Written by: Dat Nigga Daz / RBX / Rage
Sent by Camila.
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