My baby is so fine
My lover, so divine
She don’t even have to try

It was love at first sight
When I looked into her eyes
I could see my entire life

With some things, you just know
Feel it in your heart and soul
Girl I feel it when I’m with you
You, you, you

Oo, I want your love
I can’t get enough
Feel so far above
Oo, baby

Oo, I crave your touch
How you lift me up
Feel so high above
Oo, baby

Your love, your love, your love
How I crave your touch
I can’t get enough
I crave you

Yeah she love just like I do
When I give, it comes back thru
She don’t leave me feelin’ blue
Blue, blue, blue

Yeah her love is what I crave
Want to rest within her shade
She could never be replay-
Ay, ay, aced

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