Generation of Lies


Filled to the brim no remorse that I can find
Taken over within by my hatred for your kind
You always grovel and beg suck up to your favorite bastard
To whichever fucking pig that you now choose to call your master

You talk down to me but you avert your eyes
Yet you want me to believe in your generation of lies
That you try to shove right down my throat
But you never gave me a choice in the history that you wrote

Deep in the realms of insanity
I find you to be lacking in worth
No matter what you try to say
You've been dead weight since your day of birth

And you want me to beg you want me down on my knees
But I won't bow down before the likes of you
And you want me to die without questioning why
But I won't throw away my life for you

Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you
And all the bullshit that you put me through
Fuck you

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