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Hold Me

Fleetwood Mac

Hold Me

can you understand me
baby don't you hand me a line
although it doesn't matter
you and me got plenty of time

there's nobody in the future
so baby let me hand you my love
oh, there's no step for you to dance to
so slip your hand inside of my glove

hold me....hold me....hold me
hold me....hold me....hold me

i don't want no damage
but how'm i gonna manage with you
you hold the percentage
but i'm the fool payin' the dues

i'm just around the corner
if you got a minute to spare
i'll be waitin' for ya'
if you ever want to be there

(repeat chorus)

Written by: Christine McVie / Robbie Patton Isn't this right? Let us know.
Subtitled by Renan.
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