The Burning


Never did hear what you say
I don't need it anyway
Never could see what you saw
They wouldn't suspect love at all

Now i'm on fire and you're on your way
Like human candles lit to burn away
Midnight rises and here we are
You scratch at my soul
But i'm so far gone

I don't want no one
I don't need no one
I take no lovers in my bad
I don't want no one
I don't need no one
The flames of fire burn down to the end

You may cry and you may beg
Spit on the flame that's in my head
You may curse me i don't care
I'll show you paradise i swear

Now i'm burning the cold you embrace
We always take more than we gave
Like seas that eat their pieces of eight
Open, swallow, lock you away

I am exploding
I am consumed
By the fire that i feel for you
Like a ghost without fame or fortune
To love and to hold
To cherish to torture

Written by: Count Lyle
Sent by Jean.
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