After 2


Neon glow
The dive was alive
There were four on the floor by the time i arrived
She slithered up to me - up my spine
So i bought her a drink
And fed her a line

Her hair was black as the night
She had long perfect legs and a gleam between her thighs
Ten blood-red fingernails
So i followed the signs that said
'straight to hell'

I finally found my angel
Yes i finally found the truth
That your soul is unforgiven
If you love what you do
So damned be salvation
When it looks as good as you
I'll just have to pay the price
And dance with you
After 2

With dawn came the end of the night
And once more she came with a siren's cry
Then she was gone with her prize
Too bad it seems my heart ain't
As big as my eyes

Written by: Count Lyle
Sent by Jean.
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