My World

Guns N' Roses

(Spoken:) You wan'da step into my world,
it's a sociopsychotic state of bliss.
You've been delayed in the real world.
How many times have you hit and missed
Your CAT-scan shows disfiguration.
I want to laugh myself to death.
With a misfired synapse,
with a bent configuration,
I'll hold the line while you gasp for breath.
You wanna talk to me?
(So talk to me.)
You wanna talk to me?
(You can't talk to me.)
You wanna tald to me?
(You don't understand your sex.)
You wanna talk to me?
(You ain't been mind fucked yet.)
Let's do it.
Let's do it.
(Oh, my distorted smile.)
Let's do it.
Guess what I'm doing now.

Written by: Axl Rose
Subtitled by Adriele. Revised by Priscila.
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