Gotta Reason


Hung around here long enough
Seen the smooth, but only caught the rough
I've got no reason
Oh no, i got no reason.
Disco on the radio
I ain't got no place to go
I got no reason
Oh no I got no reason

But wait
See the new girl in town
Maybe I can show you round
Baby let's generate some heat

I gotta reason
Oh now I've gotta reason

Hey hey baby you knock me out
Make me want to scream and shout
I've gotta reason

You can make it all worth while
I like your face girl, i like your style
You've gotta reason
Oh now I gotta reason

Yeah you look so good
I want to eat you up like food
Baby lets generate some heat
I've gotta reason
Oh now I've gotta reason.

Got to get my head just right
Gonna make my move tonight
I've gotta reason
Oh I've gotta reason

Gotta reason
Gotta reason
Gotta reason...

Written by: Richard Archer
Sent by Junior.
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