Hadacol Boogie

Jerry Lee Lewis

Down in Lou-'si-an'er in the bright sunshine
They do a little boogie-woogie all the time;
They do...

The Hadacol Boogie (Hadacol Boogie)
The Hadacol Boogie (Hadacol Boogie)
The Hadacol Boogie
Makes you boogie-woogie all the time.

A-standin' on the corner with my bottle in my hand
And up steps a mama, said, my Hadacol man;
She done...


I went down to the farm to rest about a week
But the farmer's wife, she got to walkin' in her sleep;
She done...


If your radiator leaks and your motor stands still
Give 'er Hadacol and watch 'er boogie up the hill;
She'll do...


The rooster and the hen, they were standin' in the shade
The rooster done the boogie, while the hen laid the egg;
He done...


The other little chickens, they gathered around
They done the boogie-woogie, til the sun went down;
They done-


Written by: Little Willie Littlefield
Sent by Olga.
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