I'd do It All Again

Jerry Lee Lewis

Well the band was on its final break
When he came walking in
The lines that showed more than his age
He was drunk worn and thin

He sat down behind the ol' piano
And he ran through a couple of notes
And he said would somebody buy me a drink boys
To kinda help me clear my throat

And he said what would you give to hear a song
What prize do memories bring
It ain't every day you get to hear
A living legend sing

I may forget a line or two
A few words now and then
It takes a drink to make me think
And live it all again

This gray you see don't bother Jerry Lee
And neither do these lines
I may have seen some better days boys
But God knows I ain't reached my prime

I've got some scars from a woman's war
And playing those one-night stands
Lord only knows if I had the time
I'd do it all again

Yes I could still make 'em dance
Like I did in San Antone
And I can still make 'em cry
And I can touch 'em with a song

I can still yet turn 'em on
The way that I did back then
Lord only knows if I had the time
I'd do it all again

Written by: Bill Rice / Jerry Foster
Sent by Paula.
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