She's A Lady

John Sebastian

She's a lady
And I chanced to meet her
In my scufflin days
She's a lady
Hypnotized me there that day
I came to play in my usual way, hey

Floating along with a whimsical twinkling
In her strange green eyes
Linger with me. She said, Yes!
And, oh, the time did fly.

She's a lady
Give her time for she's
Allowed to change her mind
She's a lady
Happy to say she once was mine.

Only sometimes I remember old times
And when she says, Can you guess, it's a dress
You won't believe.
Would you come zip me up
And button up my sleeve.

Oh, lady, lady of ladies.
I remember days that felt like
It was raining daisies.

Written by: John Sebastian
Sent by Isabeline.
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