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Last Living Dinosaur


This ends like yesterday
When you dressed up all in grey
Tried to throw the sand into my eye

Now you been and wanna fly
And every break you're slowly turning blind

Last lost, stayed here for
Last living dinosaur
When the end comes closer don't you realize

Hide below the shroud of lies
Waiting for your world, get set on fire

Big bang, never going back to how it was before
You're 'bout to fade away, like the dinosaur
Big guy, open up your mind, Whatcha waiting for
The Sun won't shine behind that door

Deep in the dust of lies
Coming off an empty life
65 million years before our tribe

Going I've read no sign
Where the black hole lives inside your mind

In the desert where the love must die
There's a motel we might find
Where your craving for your last find lies