All That You Give


Used to be I couldn't slow down,
Freedom was running in what I sung.
So I'd run to try to catch up as fast as I could.
I wouldn't give up, did anything
To get to that spring
And drink the sound it's voice would sing.

Whoa ho-ho-ho...

Then one day I turned around
To see what I gained - nothing found.
So I chose to slow myself down,
Losing a dream, let go the sound.
And that's when it came loud as rain.
Filling my life, it's voice did sing.

Whoa ho-ho-ho...

Whoa ho-ho-ho...
(All that you gave)
Whoa ho-ho-ho...
(Along the way)
Whoa ho-ho-ho...
(Oh, then you went...)
Whoa ho-ho-ho...

All that you gave along the way...

Written by: Finn Bjarnson / John Hancock / Ryan Raddon
Sent by Ana.
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