Rich (Interlude)

Kendrick Lamar

[Kodak Black]
I learned in trappin', in the business
Smart people makin' horrible decisions, you know?
Rich nigga, gettin' my dick sucked after the show
I ain't gon' lie, we were poor
A bunch of lost souls in survival mode
It wasn't no way for us unless we found our own
Runnin' in stores, kickin' in doors, nigga, give me my glory
Nigga play with me, he ain't gon' live to tell the story
You know, this the type of shit we glorify, everybody gang, gang
Most of the people that you grew up with, man, in the chain gang
In the box, gettin' pink
Niggas shittin' where you sleep
Niggas shittin' wherе you eat
Who'da ever knеw that I'd become a fuckin' Kodak? Yeah
Rap money good, but I'm still pumpin' gas through the hood
Droppin' off plates to the fam' like Thanksgivin'
Got the baby snipers standin' on that murk business, yeah, slidin' for Yak
They ready for whatever
I always knew that everything would get better
And it sho' got greater later
All the game came from the elders like hand-me-downs
Me and my brothers wearin' hand-me-downs
Now I'm givin' game back to the old heads
And the respect come first
Yeah, you know?
Can't be better than the OGs, you gotta get it somewhere
Gotta come from somethin', gotta come from nothin'
We ain't seen this comin', nigga, it's more than a blessin'

What you doin' with Kendrick? (Oh)
What you doin' with a legend? (Oh)
So what they call you? (Oh)
When it's all said and done, we ain't leavin' empty-handed (oh)
That's on gang (oh)
That's on Ma' Dukes (oh)
Poorer than that bitch, but she fall through (oh)
Makin' ends meet, daddy deadbeat (oh)
Had to steal for a meal or you can't eat, you know? (Oh)
Poverty (oh)
Real cost, food babies wit' (oh)
Now look at this shit, we own property

Written by: Duval T / Kodak Black / Sam Dew
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