Why Is Everything Chrome? (Lean Swag Rock Wit It)

King Critical

Why is everything chrome?
Man this beat got me feeling like the franchise boyz in this bihh
Lean wit it, rock wit it, lean swag rock wit it
Lean swag rock wit it
Everything is chrome in the future
I get to the money, I get it and go
I'm fucking your bitch, got dick in her throat
Nigga leaning, just poured up a 4
Run in your spot, taking ya dough
Hit em high, hit em low low woah woah woah
It’s critical nigga

Let me quit playing and get on this beat
I don't wanna hear when you talking to me
Freestyle but the drip aint free
Bust down and the bitch aint cheap
She cuffed now, done hit her for weeks
Up now, got her selling my weed
I got the keys to the streets, I'm sending niggas, bring em to me
These diamonds dancing, quit lookin at me
Niggas be fans when they beefing with me
You got guns
We got cannons
Hit em with drums, call em nick cannon
A nigga be grooving
A nigga be moving

Call up my shooters and they come and do ya
My young niggas shooting my young niggas shooting
Come to my city, won't see em again
Nigga on fuck shit
Drinkin that henn, mixed with that xan
You know the recipe and I’m smoking yo mans
Got prices on ya head, got niggas that work for me
Still from the hood but nobody knows
Still got them racks, keep that on the low
I’m smoking good, I got it from me
Get out ya draws, get on ya knees
I’m on that pimp shit, I’m extra drippin

Throw up the c’s, I’m extra crippin
She don’t want me to leave, she extra trippin
Sprite codeine, I be extra lifted
I get to the money, I get it and go
Run up them bands and trap out the store
My dope real hot when it get off the stove
Bitch thought I was playin, I hit it and go
Nigga thought he was hard, 10 shots to the throat
Swag, swag, swag, swag
Swag, swag, swag
It’s critical nigga

Me and my flags, they matchin together
Done gave her a molly, put dick in her belly
I need a bitch like miley cyrus
He don’t come outside, that nigga be hidin
We going dumb, we shoot for a hobby
You a middleman, you can quit lyin
I got good aim, I shoot for his linin
She got good brain, she got a in science
Look at the rollie, that shit be shinin
Bling blau
Check out the freestyle, the shit be ridin
I get to the money, I get it and go
It’s critical nigga

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