Dress Walker


Wake up, think thoughts, be of use
Read my lips this is not life
Try to wake up, be of use
Read my lips just like the last time

It gets simple then you tire
But where does simple fit with life?
Choice allows you choose to lose
Let us leave and let us down

We start another song
Decide a way to turn

From the floor, another new passage, another exit
I refused, I was exactly where I belonged
When the world sings from the halls, and the demon's at the door
Let the one inside and sing along

Waiting outside, weighing both sides, what are the odds?
You know that one of us is gifted and the other one is out of luck
I know you all crawled inside of your cages all on your own
I've heard the wild world is wicked and the modern one is out for blood

Written by: Angus Andrew
Sent by Patrick.
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