Hurry Sundown

Little Richard

Hurry down
Hurry down sun
Hurry down
I said sun! Won't you hurry on, on down?

Let the weary day be over
I'm so tired of the hurt, I've been taking
My heart has been aching so
Don't mind struggling
I don't mind livin' on a little
If someday my kids
Are laughing together
And having things I never own
I can feel the change a' coming
Freedom drums
In the distance
They are drumming
Telling the world of a brand new future
Has begun
So you got to hurry sundown
I can't wait to see the morning
There's a lot of work
I must lend a hand to
So bring on that new day
A great tomorrow is on it's way

(Hurry sundown)
(Hurry sundown)
Hurry down, sundown
(Hurry sundown)
Hurry down, sundown
(Hurry sundown)
(Hurry sundown)
Hurry down, sundown

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