The Devil You Know

Lord Of The Lost

Spit venom at me my bleak enemy
The devil you know
Consistently cold, no love to withhold
The devil you know

Salt in my wounds, but I don't resent
This cleansing contempt
As I fake a desperate bliss
That alchemy cannot fix

This shameless disdain keeps both of us sane
The devil you know
An honest untruth we both fail to prove
The devil you know

A future doomed as a malcontent
In loveless lament
So I wake to infinite lists
Of agonies that persist

Words insincere, gracelessly rehearsed
Keeping us here, this abyss deserved
Oh, the devil's closer than we admit
We turn a blind eye to make someone fit

Spit venom at me, a brief remedy
The devil you know
This shameless disdain profoundly profane
The devil you know

In threadbare rooms so little is left
That we represent
And we face a festering kiss
That apathy can't dismiss

A poison we take to lessen the ache
The devil you know
So freely enslaved from cradle to grave
The devil you know
The devil you know

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