Runnin' (feat. Jacob Banks & A$AP Rocky)

Ludwig Goransson

Amen, Amen, Amen
You might find me by the water
Waiting for the sovereign call
Oh you see me like a stranger
Well I've been waiting for the sun
Singing Amen, Amen, Amen

Breaking out the cage, tell them lock the chains
(Chains, chains, chains, chains, chains, chains)
Adrenaline and rage, I may never change
(Change, change, change, change, change)
Runnin' through my heart, dilute my pain
(Pain, pain, pain, pain, pain)
Compressing all the stress, asthma on my chest
Runnin' outta breath, they gon know my name
Came up out the mud, brush the dirt off of me
Going hard, hit them where it hurts, kill them softly
Bone stretch tryna clear my mind, even smoke less
Hopelessness but I'm in this shit for flesh
Talk reckless, coming for your neck, no strep throat
Runnin', runnin', runnin' this shit, both legs broke
Runnin' round town, yeah they comin' for my head though
Funny thing about it they don't always see my head though
Schizo, maniac I'm fiendin' to go klepto
So hands-on kinda hard for me to let go
Leggo my Eggo, my ego in the same boat
With a slow leak screaming "F the world" 'til she prego
Two middle fingers to you all 'til I'm dead and gone

Fighting hard, fighting strong
Fighting harder
Fighting hard, fighting strong
Fighting harder


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