Capitol Punishment: the Megadeth Years

Album by Megadeth Listen
  1. Kill The King
  2. Dread And The Fugitive Mind
  3. Peace Sells (Peace Sells...But Who s Buying)
  4. In My Darkest Hour (So Far, So Good, So What)
  5. Holy Wars
  6. Hangar 18 (Rust In Peace)
  7. Symphony Of Destruction (Countdown To Extinction)
  8. Sweating Bulletsn (Countdown To Extinction)
  9. TRain Of Consequences (Youthanasia)
  10. A Tout Le Monde (Youthanasia)
  11. Trust (Cryptic Writings)
  12. Almost Honest (Crryptic Writings)
  13. Use The Man (Cryptic Writings)
  14. Crush 'Em
  15. Capitol Punishment (New)