I Got It Easy

Michael Bublé

I never been in trouble
I never got hurt
Never had to struggle
I never had to work
Hard for anything before, believe me
Lord, I’ve got it easy

I feel guilty a little
I’ve been giving so much
People are dying in the dark
While I’m lying in the sun
And I sleep like a baby every night it seems
I’m having the sweetest dreams
I can say honestly, I got it easy

Now I’m not trying to brag about it
So I say I appreciate it completely
And when I’m acting a fool you’ll never cruel to me.
I’ve got it easy, yeah

Probably isn’t much fun to be alone
Wouldn’t know cause I’ve got you here keeping me afloat
When I’m lost you set me straight sometimes I need it.
You raise me up, babe
I got it easy

Some people drown in here and I’m walking as only needed
I don’t mind what it been on this cold rainy evening
I hover in bed, got a beautiful woman beneath me
Every night I got it easy
I got it easy

Girl, this wild open to me,
But it’s you that completes me.
Lord, I got it easy.

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