Let The Games Begin


I know my role
And I know where I stand
And I know who I am
I know you won't understand

I've seen this one before
Everything starts out with feeling
Then we introduce the victim
And someone gets to be the villain

Hey, hey, hey, hey
Let the games begin

And that too familiar conversation
With that too familiar scene, yeah
Set to the greatest expectations
Someone always winds up getting cheated

I'm not going to lie
And I'm not going to bite
You may just want to hide your eyes
Cause this is going to be awhile

Well we're all a little broken, baby
I've got cracks on up to here
But that don't make me fragile
And that don't make me fear

Yeah we're all a little broken baby'
Let the games begin

Written by: Don Miggs
Sent by bruno.
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