Close Your Eyes and Remember

Minnie Riperton

Blowing softly through a meadow
Laughing like a baby, breeze tapping
lightly at the treetops, whispering among the leaves

You hear the magic song, that ancient poets sing
It's sweet as morning dew and sounds a lot like springtime
When you close your eyes
You feel your heat go there
So close your eyes and you may find that
Fireflies were as bright as stars;
Close your eyes and remember
Summertime lingered on and on
Close your eyes and remember
Your first love made the world stand still
Close your eyes and remember
Close your eyes and remembers when
The moon was made of cheese

Racing swiftly through the mountains
Bubbling along the stream
Sighing sweetly through the hollow
Gentle as an infant's dream

Written by: Charles Stepney / Richard Rudolph
Sent by Jaqueline.
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