Ballad Of A Comeback Kid

The New Pornographers

pray for content
settle for free rent
the tenements recall Rome

high five
look up, look alive
as the scions of history
guess another mystery

recite your lines
and I'll quote scriptures
everything was fine
until membership lost its privileges

everyone in town
wanted to be around you
this went on for awhile
until they finally found you

ever so careful
on the strip
we cruise
crippled in
someone else's shoes
who knew?
mind you
i never had to stand in line
you did...
for the ballad of a comeback kid

watch your step
as you step down
from the podium
returned from the war
to a hero's welcome
what's more
you just had to win

blazing new trails
waving goodbye
to the audience
held captive
the crowd was inactive
it made such perfect sense

but you won't
Kelly says she could have
like a bat out of hell
time has come for you

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