Looking out of my window, chilling warm relaxing my speed
Watching the people right back down on the streets
Asking myself how I feel as I see d living passing me
Everybody in his own way but on the whole Life is still the same
Happy Family a boy loves a girl a mother breastfeeding her child
A taxidriver has just lost his job
But still it is not a matter of this world being
People manifest within themselves

Everything changes,
remember when humans had to live in cages
Now we own our stages
Time, in age turns our pages

A mother gives birth to her baby,
in that moment she feels it's her one and only property
She'd hold on it
She'll do anything to protect it from insecurity
Just like seeds develope into flowers
And children develope into adults
Love can turn into hate and the truth u see could be deceit
Consequences do not arise without a cause
Causes could make u win or loose

Chorus 2x

What u make outta it is what u become
Some so happy some are lonesome
Changes, changes always comes


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