Ok Go

In the final moments of this day
I've come to my conclusion
You and I can fly.
And if you'll accept the way
The vertigo will soothe you
You can shut your eyes.

So we'll break the man
Who sang beneath the earth
On subterranean lines, he cries:

I hope this
Gets to you.
My last telegram.
Transmission broken...
Down here everyone seethes.

Consider this my prolepsis,
The voice of all that you might say I said.
You sang the last song with the first and now
I know it's done to you.
Your last telegram lost...
Down here everything breathes.

And now from the [...] sway
Drunk with your confusion
Sullen little spy.
Feet stuck to the [...] I'll stay
Armed with this illusion,
Gravity's a lie.

Here for several hours I will wait.
I'll wait for your inclusion.
You and I must fly.
And if I'm restless while I stay
I'll think you're a-falling
When we reach the sky.