White Christmas

Otis Redding

I, I'm dreaming, dreaming of a white, white Christmas, y'all
Just like the one that I used to know, oh
Honey, it's where the treetop, treetop listen
Little bitty, litle bitty, little bitty children should
They try to listen
To hear, before the sleebells that are ringing
through the snow

I wanna tell you one more time what I'm thinking about
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, yeah
With every Christmas, call that I write you, oh now

I want you to know
May all your days, May all your days
Be so very merry, merry and bright
Darling I wished all of them

One more thing
And may all, all of your Christmasses
And be all, and be all of your Christmasses

Baby may your days, may your days
Be so merry, merry, merry and bright
Lord have mercy, I wished all of them honey
And may all your Christmasses
Be so wide
Dreaming of a white, dreaming of a white Christmas
Dreaming, dreaming of a white, white Christmas
Baby, baby, oh I'm dreaming, dreaming of a white Christmas...

Written by: Irving Berlin
Sent by Fernando.
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