Married I Can Always Get

Patti Page

It´s not my cup of tea
They won´t throw rice at me for a while yet
I have no plans to wed
Be reslutly led down the aisle yet
With a smile yet

When the organ plays oh promise me
I will be an absentee
For the nun such used to be fancy and free
They can throw old shoes but they won't hit me
Not me

I wanna dance
Until the darkest heavens turn gray
Until the dawn strolls in with the day
Then I'll say
Don't let the band get away
But matrimony
I'm not ready yet
Married I can always get

It's not for me
With all its smug conuvial joys
That ever constant smashing a toys
Wrecks your poise
While hubby is out with the boys
No wedding gown
For this silhouette
Married I can always yet

I'll live the life that I`m used to
I'll get a ring when I choose to
Because by now I have found
That the nicest ring are on a merry-go-round
I'll be blasse
With any man who´s motives are base

I'll keep each wiley wolf in his place
Till the chase finally ends in embrace
But as far wedlock unlock me,my pet
Married I can always get
You feel an urge with certain parts of love you´re inspired
But when you try to find you desire
He's retired business men are quite easily tired
The very fact just gets me upset
Married I can always get

I wanna find an honest swain who gayley pursue
And when he drinks champagne from my shoe
That´s my cue to act like a shy ingenue
As we croon a lovers duet
Married I can always get

I'll go the way that the wind blows
Along the path that is primrose
I have my plan all rehearsed
I will kiss any body who will kiss me first
I'll take a cruise
Into a more adventurous clime
And if the captain´s still in his prime
He will find you don´t have to sail all the time

I wanna stick to romantic roulette
Married I can always get
But not yet, but not yet
But not yet
Married I can always get

Written by: Gordon Jenkins
Sent by Paulinha.
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