Paula Cole

Who is this hurting mother?
Don’t want to be her now
Who in the hell’s that sad reflection?
How did I lose myself?
How many times I walk the river
Wondering what life’s for
Sobbing beneath the staid performance
Too scared to let it out

Duty calls… duty calls

Who is this hurting daughter
Going down the rabbit hole?
Falling into a crushing darkness
Shedding skins of the soul
How many times I walk the river, wanting to lose myself?
Weight of an overcoat of sorrow
Too sensitive for this world

Duty call… duty calls

Time to do the drop off, time to make the meals
Time to greet the neighbors, be a perfect ten
Smiling in the exterior, but nervous and distressed
Plodding on this treadmill, take another pill
Start another morning, wake to the alarm
Rise up in the darkness, get inside the car
Join the rank and file, thousands in the flow
Minnows on the freeway, on and on it goes

I don’t want to go
I don’t want to live this
I don’t want this life
There is more than this

Who is that serious child
The one left alone?
Mother is in the kitchen crying again
No use to ask for help

So it goes... so it goes

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