Liz Phair

Falling in love is much better when it's a slow fall
Like a snow fall
Not an avalanche

Driving around playing songs
It's a stereo romance
The two of us nomads
No where to go at all

And I know you don't take anything for granted
But I want to know, Do you believe in third chances?

Take me into your arms
Lift me right up to the sky
Loving you under the stars
Nothing else feels so right

All of those times like a thief in the night I was stealing
Now something has changed deep in my veins I can feel it

And I know it took twenty years or more
But there were thorns in my head
And there were spears at your door
And I had to learn to be broken before I could piece us together

It's getting late
I should get myself straight and go home now
I don't want to leave but I'm scare you've got somewhere to go now

And I know you don't mind if I stay
But I want to hear you say you want me that way

Written by: Liz Phair
Sent by Gabriel.
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