Bad Business

Phantom Planet

So you've been trying to get ahead
But coming out empty handed
Losing all the friends you made instead

You pushed your way up to the top
You got so tall you had to stop
Did you squint to see who you were stepping on?

It's your secret to success
That's causing such a mess
And to be honest
Forgetting all of us

Now that is just bad business

You think you're worth your weight in gold
While everybody's looking like the color of money
We knew you when and we don't really think it's funny
I'm just hoping for that day when
your business life comes to an end
Deal with us just like people again

But you're just scheming on success
And only coming up with meager messiness
You can sell, sell, sell
And never do well
When dealing in bad business

If you're planning to invest
Well, any day now we'll be coming to collect

You can sell, sell, sell
And never do well
When dealing in bad business
It's a disease the way that greed and excess spreads

You never know, I could be next

Written by: Alexander Greenwald
Sent by caroL.
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