The Season Of Singing

Platon Karataev

I have to tell you
This is an ode to life
This is an ode to love
This is an ode that birds can sing above

The winter is past
And flowers appear on earth
The rains are over and gone
Scream as loud as you can the season of singing has come

You told me that
And I understand at last
I should love myself, too
’Cause the more I do the more love I can give to you

As my soul lies down peacefully in the grass
Breathe in the air and breathe out
I’m happy as I am
The world’s too full to talk about

I am who I am, I am life, I am love
Let’s dive into what’s above

I am full, I am overwhelmed with this bliss
What sort of love is this?

My heart, don’t hide your fires
It’s time to awaken love
What more can man desire?

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