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  1. Intergalactic Beastie Boys
  2. Geração Pokébola Um Joystick, Um Violão
  3. In The Garage Weezer
  4. Mario Kart Love Song Sam Hart
  5. Freaks And Geeks Childish Gambino
  6. Escolha Já Seu Nerd Os Seminovos
  7. Rock And Roll Nerd Tim Minchin
  8. Blood Symphony MegaDriver
  9. Funk do Mortal Kombat Funk You Bit
  10. Pac-Man Fever Buckner & Garcia
  11. iGeneration MC Lars
  12. Time Out For Fun Devo
  13. Pi Kate Bush
  14. White & Nerdy Weird Al Yankovic
  15. Rap Dos Memes Desce a Letra
  16. Together In Electric Dreams The Human League
  17. The Quantum World! Symphony of Science
  18. Spaceboy Dr. Steel
  19. Star Wars - Lapti Nek John Williams
  20. That Spells DNA Jonathan Coulton
  21. Do You Wanna Date My Avatar The Guild
  22. Among The Cyberman Geezer Butler
  23. Battle For Asgard Cannibal Ox
  24. Do You Wanna Date My Avatar The Guild
  25. Womanizer (Parody) Venetian princess
  26. They're Taking The Hobbits To Isengard Erwin Beekveld
  27. Frodo Flight Of The Conchords
  28. Montagem Do Anel Dj Bombadil & MC Gandalfo
  29. Please State The Nature Of The Medical Emergency Warp 11
  30. Luke, Eu Sou Seu Pai Os Seminovos
  31. The Lord Of The Rings Blind Guardian
  32. Ramble On Led Zeppelin
  33. Once In a Lifetime Talking Heads
  34. Don't Download This Song Weird Al Yankovic
  35. Mr. Spock Nerf Herder
  36. Paranoid Android Radiohead