Vivo (soundtrack)

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  1. One Of a Kind (feat. Juan de Marcos González) Lin-Manuel Miranda
  2. Ir Al Compás Kalimba
  3. My Own Drum Ynairaly Simo
  4. Inside Your Heart Gloria Estefan
  5. Keep The Beat (feat. Ynairaly Simo) Lin-Manuel Miranda
  6. Running Out Of Time (feat. Ynairaly Simo) Lin-Manuel Miranda
  7. One More Song Lin-Manuel Miranda
  8. Mambo Cabana (feat. Juan de Marcos González & Gloria Estefan) Lin-Manuel Miranda
  9. Love’s Gonna Pick You Up (feat. Brian Tyree Henry & Aneesa Folds) Lin-Manuel Miranda
  10. Tough Crowd Lin-Manuel Miranda
  11. ¡Presente! Gloria Estefan
  12. Grand Finale (feat. Ynairaly Simo) Lin-Manuel Miranda
  13. Overture Alex Lacamoire
  14. Marta's Letter Alex Lacamoire
  15. La Colecta / Suitcase Of Memories Alex Lacamoire
  16. Vivo Comes Around (feat. Alex Lacamoire) Lin-Manuel Miranda
  17. Saving The Song (feat. Lin-Manuel Miranda) Alex Lacamoire
  18. Welcome To Florida (feat. Lin-Manuel Miranda) Alex Lacamoire
  19. Sand Dollar Animal Control Alex Lacamoire
  20. Not On My Watch Alex Lacamoire
  21. Lutador Alex Lacamoire
  22. Gabi And Vivo Alex Lacamoire
  23. Bienvenido a La Familia (part. Lin-Manuel Miranda) Alex Lacamoire
  24. What Difference Can One Song Make? (feat. Lin-Manuel Miranda) Alex Lacamoire
  25. My Own Drum (remix) (feat. Ynairaly Simo) Missy Elliott